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Hastings - War Time Memories and Photographs

Nathan's book will also be featured in a month-long exhibition at Hastings History House, Courthouse Street.

Hastings: Wartime Memories and Photographs weaves the personal stories of 75 people
who endured life in Hastings during the Home Front war years with more than 130
photographs, the majority of which have never been published before. It describes the
dramatic and turbulent way in which a peaceful seaside resort quickly became a town in
grave danger of enemy attack, whose residents had
to adapt very rapidly in order to cope with the numerous problems that now faced them.
The book delves into the lives of ordinary men, women and children, as well as the soldiers
and evacuees who made Hastings their home at the time and so lived with the constant
fear of invasion, and provides a detailed and colourful account of life on the front line.
The personal stories and photographs are complemented by documentary evidence
from various sources, including local newspapers, local and national government records
and two very informative private diaries that were meticulously kept in Hastings during
the Second World War by John Turner and Charles Chalk. The focus of this book is
once again Hastings and St Leonards, but inevitably the surrounding towns and villages
are also included.
Hastings at War
By Nathan Dylan Goodwin
About the Book

This book tells the story of a 'front line' town during what were arguably six of the most momentous years in the borough's history.  It shows how Hastings folk coped with the daily wartime hardships of the blackout; rationing; the billeting of evacuees; the evacuation of the town; constant fear of invasion; and the relentless bombing raids, day and night, leaving in their wake a trail of death, destruction and the apprehension of where and when the next attack would come.  

The book incorporates the personal memories of over forty people who experienced life at this arduous time.  John Bristow, describing a raid on 23 May 1943 says, '...There was a god-almighty explosion and we went into the passage by The Havelock pub and we dived onto the ground and lay there looking out before a bomb hit what was the old Royal Oak Hotel.  Along by Woolworth's there was a car going by and it was sent up into the air by the bomb and over and over.  While we lay there, there was another terrific explosion down the side of Plummer's and I'll never forget seeing a huge lump of yellow coloured masonry coming over and land on the tram wires...'

The book was launched in Hastings on Saturday 7 May 2005 to coincide with the 60th anniversary of the end of the war.  It is available from all local bookshops, Hastings Museums, Hastings Library and the Internet for the price of £12.99.  Alternatively, the book is purchasable directly from the author (and signed if desired!) -
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