Stella Stickland


by Battle author Stella Stickland
Blackie & Co Publishers Ltd
The inspiring story of how a woman overcomes many trials in life, and how we must stop society spiralling out of control.

Weaving together her beliefs and thoughts about morality, politics, spirituality and life, the author tells us her inspiring story.

Despite suffering agoraphobia and panic attacks, and left alone with two young sons to support, she created a mini business empire in a man's world.

It tells of her traumas and her successes, both in business and in her personal life, from the creation of a mini business empire to the series of disastrous events that lost her all that she had created, with the lean years that followed. Consequently fighting back on all sides, she is seen once again to triumph.
She describes the tests and trials we all have in life, and how we must try to overcome them. To enable us to grow spiritually for our next incarnation. With a world in crisis in so many ways - this is one woman's tale of how she made it through.

To find out more about Stella's new book visit her website at:         

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