These historic photographs were rescued by George's son Mick when his Mum died in 1984. They show various members of Battle and Netherfield Home Guard taken before the Battalion was disbanded at the end of 1944 when it was obvious that Hitler was no longer a threat to our nation.
Bottom Row (L to R)
Frank Anderson, Percy Wren, Mr. Errington, (Farmer, Saxon Hill) Lou Sunnyside,Nobby Clarke, (Schoolmaster) Jock Purvis (Barber)  Lieut.Harry Judd (Furniture Shop), Mr Hendry (Vetinary), Capt.James Woodhams senior officer with temporary rank of Major,
Jim Saunders (Bricklayer-Netherfield), Sgt.George Charman, George French, (Netherfield), George Moon, CSM Catt (Postman), Harry White (Gypsum Miner)
Second Row (L to R)
Harry Ballard, Bill Bridges, Arthur Potter, Archie Coomber, Jack Bishop, Don Pattison, Not known, Bill Parks, Jack Errey (Hairdresser), Not known, Bert Winchester, Not known, Not known, Not known, Cecil Unicombe, Jack Brown, Bert White, Not known.

Back Row (L to R)
Not known, Not known, Not known, Not known, Jack Kemp (Netherfield), Alfred (Bert) Cockett, Jack Elliot, Not known, Harry Lade, Not known, Not known, Not known.
The picture shows men from the three Platoons,  Battle,  Battle Hill, and Netherfield.
Group from L to R
Back Row:  Not known, Not known, Not known, Not known, Harry Lade.
Front Row: Alfred (Bert) Cockett, Jack Elliot, Jack Brown, George Charman, Bert Winchester.
Machine Gun Section From L to R

Barrett, Brown, Elliot, Not known, Winchester, Not known, Not known,  Lade, Charman, Hubbard.
From L to R
George Barrett, (Printer), George Charman, Harry Lade, Not known, Not known, Not known On the right and in front, Lieut Rex Hubbard (Manager of Englefields garage in Upper Lake).
This photo taken on the Abbey Green would appear to be a Service held in 1945 when the Home Guard was finally disbanded.


Home Guard - Sgt George Charman's Album

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