Festival of Britain - 1951

July 30 - August 4th

Many thanks to Audrey Mcallan (nee Foot) for sending these photos.

Audrey wrote:

I have a collection of photos taken during the celebrations of the Festival of Britain  on the Abbey Green in 1951.  They depict "The Incident at the Stocks",with a description of the 'story'.
The Foot Family at the Festival in 1951
As a family we moved to Battle in 1948 when my late father opened the then "Battle Bookshop and Library"  (laterly known as  Battle Bookshop) which we ran as a family until his death in 1953.  My father was a sidesman at St Mary's, my late mother, my sister Eileen and I were in the choir, she and I both taught in the Sunday School and Eileen was a bellringer.  Eileen and I were both members of the "Fellowship of St George" (known as the FOG) and are both in your photo of the Carol Singers .Eileen and I were both in the Guides and she was, I believe ,the first Queens Guide in Sussex.  Eileen is now an ordained minister in New Zealand  to where she emigrated with her husband and young family in 1964. 

The Pedlar - Miss Ruth Chiveerton
The Youth - Miss Barbera McNab
The Innkeeper - Mr Ben Beechey
The Ostler - Mr Christopher Poole
The Abbot - Very Rev ATA Haylor Dean of Battle
The Monks - Mr Ivor Holland, Mr Haylor, Mr Jim Ellis, Rev. F Vere Hodge, Mr Lance Croll, Mr Frank Evans, Mr Robert Cummins, CMD. Ross
The pedlar accuses the youth of theft
Dispite his struggles the youth is taken into custody
The peddlar and ostlar take him to the duty monk
The duty monk enquires about the cause for the disturbance
The Monks escourt the Abbot to judge the case
The Abbot occupies the seat of Judgement
At the request of the Abbot the innkeeper makes the accusation
The youth makes an energetic denial
The youth is found guilty and led away.
He is fastened in the stock.
The children jeer and boo the unfortunate youth.
The pedlar gives vent to her feelings and the youth replies.
Friends of the youth help him to escape.
Pilgrims having refreshments. 2nd left. Mrs Raper, 4th Mrs Hodgson, 5th Lady Burghley.
The Serving Wenches L-R Shirley Foot, Geraldine Holland, Margaret Bassett, Pamela Wardrop, Diana Stanton, Betty Jones, Audrey Foot, Sylvia Bassett.
The Morality play
The Crusaders arrive on the Green.
The Abbot escorted by Monks
Battle and Langton School entertain.
Muriel Powell and Joyce Pain. Abbots treasure chest antiques.
The Foot family - Battle bookshop and library
Mrs Rice and Mrs Hayes
"The Pedlar" sells her wares.
The Hon. Mrs Whistler and her donkey.

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