Battle of Hastings
13-14th October


This was a very good year for me as it gave me the opportunity to meet in person, two very special people who I discovered on the Internet a couple of years ago.

Janet Englefield grew up here in Battle, and we went to the same school, (Battle and Langton), in Marley Lane.

Although we had no recollection of meeting as school children, due to an age difference, we soon found from our E-mails that our families and friends had much in common

For the technically minded, I shot these scenes with a Sony 8mm.Camcorder and then grabbed the frames digitally with a program called "AVI-Edit"
by Alexander Milukov

Janet, and her husband Gerry Morris (top right) made the journey from Vancouver in Canada, to intermingle with  Norman Warriors, in a field which is only a stone's throw from the house in Lower Lake where Janet, nee Englefield, spent most of her childhood.

Janet emigrated to Canada in 1948 just as I was returning from military service with the Irish Guards in Palestine


Thousands of tourists came to Battle this week-end to mark the anniversary of the famous "Battle of Hastings"

Hundreds of authentically dressed medieval enthusiasts staged their re-enactment of the event, which took place nearly a thousand years ago, with stunning realism.

  Janet and Gerry made the most of the fine weather on Saturday to capture a few pictures of the event and enjoy our Sussex hospitality. This year's re-enactment has been hailed as one of the most successful with over 7,500 visitors. Everyone seemed to be having a good time despite a few rain showers on the Sunday.

Tucked away in the south-east corner (bottom right) of the battlefield is the old sandstone cottage where I was born in 1926
PLEASE NOTE   This letter received recently from Janet in Vancouver . .
These photos, taken by Ivor last October during the anniversary re-enactment of the battle reminds me of a very happy day. That holiday in England was one of our last together as Gerry died this past June. Ivor's kindness and that of a host of friends in England and our home in Canada has helped sustain our daughter Gillian and me through these difficult early days since Gerry's death.
Thank you, Ivor.


1066 Battlefield

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